When you envision renting a mountain cabin, you usually don’t think about doing it in the winter. However, consider what holidays fall between January and Easter. Often, the time when we most need some quiet recharging is in the dark of the winter, after all the holidays conclude and the bleak months stretch out endlessly before you. I discovered this myself one February when I rented a mountain cabin in Graham County.

Picture yourself stretched out on a comfy couch with your favorite book, a crackling fire in the fireplace, and some hot cocoa on the night stand. It’s quiet. If you look out the window you can see the surrounding mountains and streams. Details that you miss when the leaves have not yet fallen, seem to jump out in stark relief. You might see an owl perched in a maple across the way. Gazing back at you! Numerous places are available to rent in the winter, sometimes at reduced rates. In this crazy busy world we live in, stepping away from the chaos for a weekend or even longer can give you a new perspective on life, relationships and career. The Druids called this time of the year “The return of the light”. Around February 2nd is the time when our creative juices begin to flow once more and we begin to see new possibilities. It is much easier to realize this when you have a day or two of stillness and can un-plug.

Bundled up in a warm jacket, long walks on a brisk day can be invigorating. If you are lucky, you can experience the taste, sound and feel of a freshly fallen snow. Whether alone, with a loved one for a romantic getaway or with your family, the winter woods have so many surprises to offer. Did you know that Brook Trout are most plentiful in the winter mountain streams? Tracking the footprints of birds and small animals in the snow is fun for the whole family. If you are lucky, frozen fog and hoar frost will form on the tops of the mountains and you will be very glad you brought your camera.

A variety of rental cabins and homes are available in Graham County. You can have your pick of a small, secluded hideaway in the deep woods or a large home with many rooms on the lake shores. If you enjoy hiking there are Bed and Breakfast accommodations and Inns that you can make your home and return to after you spend the day in the wilderness. The trails in Graham County are delightful in the cold months and range from simple strolling trails to the opportunity to hike for days on the Appalachian Trail, the Benton MacKaye Trail or the Bartram Trail. Sunsets and Moonrises are more easily seen and are rumored to be the most striking during the winter months. You can watch them without having to peer through branches filled with leaves. The trunks of the trees stand out like the masts of sailing ships, moving back and forth in the wind.

Our Travel and Tourism office is open year-round and staff can help you design the perfect time away. You can pick up maps, brochures and access the times for River Releases while you are there. Check out the Graham County Travel website and browse through the available rentals and lodges. Treat yourself to some rejuvenation and recovery and return home refreshed and filled with new inspiration. You may find you like Graham County so much, you’ll decide to stay!

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